VOICE.ICU #001 – Let’s start!

This is where we start. It’s the first episode of Voice.ICU podcast, in which we not only say “hello world” and take the first steps in the podcast reality but also explain why we do it. Bear with us as we start.

If you would like to take part in the discussion, please feel invited! Ask questions. If you don’t agree – tell us. We want Voice.ICU to be a place of inspiration, knowledge exchange and such a social club for all those who believe in the power of voice in the context of our relationship with machines.

If you have friends abroad who do not speak Polish, please point them at the English version of our podcast. We do not guarantee that the episodes are recorded exactly the same, but they certainly contain all the jokes 😉

In this episode we seek and try to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What is our background?
  • What exactly is voice?
  • Why do we believe that voice will play such an important role in the future?
  • Why will the communication between man and machine be carried out using Alexa or Google Assistant?
  • We also talk about practical implementations of voice interfaces – e.g. in cars.
  • How do we use voice technology on our own in everyday life.
  • Why do children out of all user groups adapt voice technologies the fastest?
  • What are we going to talk about in the 99th episode?
  • Why do we want to meet people in Warsaw who are interested in voice technology?

Our official hashtags are #voiceicu and #voiceicupl – join the online discussion on our Facebook group, Twitter and Instagram.

Karol Stryja

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