VOICE.ICU #002 – Smart-speaker market in USA and Poland.

In the second episode of the podcast, we start a discussion about the smart-speaker market and come to the conclusion that this is only the beginning for Poland. At the same time, we notice the fact that these devices are already available in stores despite the lack of any official support for the Polish language.

This is the episode in which we try to embrace reality and summarize the state of development and popularization of technology under the roofs of general public.

There is no denying that at the moment we are just enthusiasts and collect knowledge and information from the world. However, we do hope that soon we will gather a group of experts around this initiative as well..

Here is what you will find in this episode:

  • The fact that Google will soon be talking in many languages at the same time.
  • Statistics by VOICEBOT.AI on the smart speaker market in the USA.
  • What devices are most popular in the USA and why do we believe that local players in other countries will also appear.
  • What devices Michal has at home and how he uses them.
  • We briefly describe the differences between Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot.
  • The first impressions of using Alexa.
  • The situations in which Michal’s children use Alexa.
  • Why is Alexa the perfect music player?
  • We also mention a solution from 1996 – Dragon Dictate, which allowed text to be entered into the computer by voice.
  • We also do a LIVE experiment and prove to Michal how Karol uses Google Assistant on a daily basis.
  • Michał discovers why Karol texts while driving a car (e.g. by sending text messages and entering them into the phone by voice).
  • We are talking about who in Europe will adapt technologies the fastest and Karol is trying to convince Michal that Poland will be at the forefront of this race.
  • We are discussing what a smart speaker can really become, as well as whether they will replace the radio?
  • Why do we think that voice technologies can allow everyone to save time?
  • What happens when Mark Zuckerberg organises the global internet access?
  • How intensive migration to cities can influence the development of solutions based on voice?

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  • My phone: Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Voicebot.AI study on smartphone market sharing in the USA (link)
  • Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Dot

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