Hi! Nice to meet you!

As you read this you may ask yourself – why would anyone be writing about such a niche technology. Our answer is quite simple – we believe that voice services is the most promising area of IT.

Do you remember the times when you could hear the sound of keyboard typing everywhere? And then Steve Jobs showed the first iPhone which did not have a keyboard at all. Today we spend a lot of our time swiping while using our phones and tablets or screens of other devices. And this is not the end of the user interface evolution.

You probably already feel this, but very soon we will be able to have meaningful conversations with machines. We can already create tasks, consume content or interact with Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana or Alexa. A lot of us already own devices that already allow us to interact via voice.

We intend to talk about a few areas: technology, hardware, content and marketing. We bring in different experience and points of view.

With all that – this is just the beginning. We invite you to join us for the journey of learning all about voice.

We kick this off with a podcast in two languages – English and Polish as well as a blog and a Facebook group.

We will be publishing with #voiceicu hashtag over at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Michal Stanislawek

I spent most of my professional career building systems in the areas of video and TV technology. Audio, although important, has always been just an addition.

However, since I used Dragon Dictate at the end of the 90’s to dictate an assignment, instead of typing using the keyboard, I regularly return to speech recognition technology, and most recently voice first.

Together with Karol we travel into the world of voice, although I am more passionate about its technological aspect, but at the same time the use of voice interfaces in storytelling and branding.

Karol Stryja

I’ve always been interested in niches. That’s why I like voice. But it is not the only reason – I really like to have conversations – and I do it not only for Voice.ICU, but also in the Zawodowcy (Professionals) podcast that I’ve created. That’s where I am trying to find the answer to the question I have: “Why do people do what they do?”. In the voice context I am mostly passionate about the content, behaviours and the adoption of the technology into our daily lives. Coding is definitely not my story.